Duggar Fans Think She Pregnant With Second Child After Amy Reacts To Offensive Tweets

Amy Duggar, 35, sparked controversy with a tweet on Friday following her recent decision to ban abortion, or impose heavy restrictions. Amy posted the rumored photos to her Instagram on Tuesday. In them, the TLC star poses with her husband Dylan King, 35, and their son, Daxton, three.

Daddy with the battery icon on top of Dylan’s t-shirt

The family is wearing matching phone battery icon T-shirts with subtle differences on each. The top of Dylan’s T-shirt has Daddy printed with the battery icon, below which the phrase “Charging” is shown. It looks like Dylan is a parent resting between the pair, as Amy’s Mommy shirt can drain the battery. Displays on low charge.

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Last picture of three years old post

Tired Counting On Star is running at “10 Percent”. Because she yawns and pretends to sleep during the collection of photos. Little Daxton is filled with energy as his T-shirt shows his battery fully charged at “100%”. The last photo from the three-year-old post shows a ploy busted. Where a lost word Amy captions, “The last picture really sums it up”, punctuating it with a laughing emoji.

Comment on the post for fans to give their thoughts on

Fans took to the comment section of the post to give their views on what many believed was an announcement of the King joining the family. One person wrote, “I feel it on a spiritual level. #sotired”. Another fan commented: “I definitely thought it was going to be a pregnancy announcement.

The third commenter agreed

A third commenter agreed: “Dearest family! Def thought it was a pregnancy announcement. The pregnancy sentiment continued during the comments with one fan saying “I totally thought it was a pregnancy announcement. So cute though!!” and another adding “I just thought it was a pregnancy announcement”.

He continued

One fan couldn’t resist saying “It’s a pregnancy announcement. Her charge exceeded 10% of Amy’s and Amy is charging. She’s pregnant. Congratulations.” She continued, “I understand why so many people are scared and upset right now. I’ve already said that I have questions too. I think we all just want answers.

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