Duff Goldman Snaps A Selfie With His Wife Johnna And Daughter Josephine At Mercantile

Duff Goldman snaps a sweet selfie with his wife Johnna and daughter Josephine at Mercantile The Woman Mercantile posted a sweet family selfie on Instagram — but she didn’t have any run-ins with Drummond.

He Captioned the Post

We missed you today at pwmercantile,” he captioned the post. In true Baker fashion, Goldman didn’t leave the store without some Pioneer Woman-approved bakeware. “But I bought a cute flour sifter so as not to be a total loss. See you next time!” he added.

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Drummond’s Signature floral Pattern

Standing in front of Drummond’s signature floral-patterned merchandise, Goldman posed with wife Johnna, 28, and daughter Josephine, 15. Drummond was clearly upset. That she missed seeing her fellow Food Network chefs and her adorable family.

Commented on Goldman’s Post

“Excuse me, sir!!! How come I didn’t know you were in town???” She commented on Goldman’s post. Even though the Ace of Taste star didn’t leave empty-handed, Drummond followed up the series with a standing invitation. “Leading lady come back and stay in the pwboardinghouse!!!” He wrote on his Pavuska Hotel.

Goldman Topanga with People in April

Goldman spoke with People in April in Topanga, Calif., about his quiet life with his wife of three years and young daughter. Since he grew up in a rural area on Cape Cod, he wanted his own daughter to feel like growing up in a small town. Even though Topanga is a part of Los Angeles, Goldman said, “There is no noise at night. There are stars. There is no light pollution. Like we are here.”

New Food Network Show Ace of Taste

His new Food Network show Ace of Taste, which premiered in April, is Goldman’s first primetime show where he creates savory dishes to accompany his classic desserts and cakes. Since the show was filmed at his Topanga Community Center, his wife and daughter would occasionally appear in new series.

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