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Dubai Hotel Built The World Tallest Glass pyramid

Dubai’s Hotel Atlantis, The Palm, and Moet & Chandan have built a pyramid about 27 feet high with champagne glass and set a new world record.

27 feet high pyramid made of a champagne glass

Making a world record is not that easy. For this people have to work hard. By the way, there are many strange world records in the world, about which people are surprised to know. One such world record has become a topic of discussion all over the world these days. Have you ever heard that someone set a world record by placing glass glasses on top of each other? This is rarely seen, but a hotel in Dubai has done this wonderful feat, knowing about which the whole world is shocked.

Gleaming Glass Tower captivated the mind

People also gathered in large numbers to see the Transparent Glass Pyramid. The pyramid was unveiled on New Year’s Eve at the Atlantis, The Palm & Moet & Chandon Hotel. According to the Guinness World Records listing, it was a freestanding three-sided concrete pyramid made of drinking glasses. The final step in this splendid effort was to fill the top layer of the champagne glass with the drink. Even if this glass pyramid had remained in its place even while serving the drink, then this pyramid would have won, and as you know that the glass tower has won the Guinness Book of World Records. Later, drinks were served in 1548 rooms of the hotel by filling these glasses.

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The record was made in Madrid in 2017

This record was made in Madrid, Spain before the 27 feet high pyramid with the help of 54,740 champagne glasses. Then the name was registered in the world record in the Luke Bruce events of 50,116 glasses. Now after 4 years, this record was broken in Dubai and the ceremony at Atlantis, The Palm Hotel, bathed in glittering lights, saw everyone breaking old records and becoming new record winners. Officials of the Guinness Book of World Records praised the hard work, dedication, and coordination of the team that built the Glass Tower. Also said that it is not possible to achieve such a feat without better coordination. First in 1983, to commemorate its 240th anniversary, the hotel set the first world record by building the tallest Champagne pyramid with 2,757 crystal glasses. Nearly 40 years later, it’s an exciting moment to be able to continue this legacy with Atlantis, The Palm.

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