Dua Lipa Sued For Posting Pictures Of Herself On Instagram

Every picture tells a story. Sometimes, those stories go to court. For the second time in a year, Dua Lipa is facing trial for posting a paparazzi picture of herself on her Instagram account. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in US District Court in California, New York-based photographer Robert Barbera claims. That the singer violated copyright by posting her photos on the platform in July 2018.

The US under copyright law

Generally, the U.S. Under copyright law, the person who ‘authored’ a work. He is the copyright owner,” posted by the business/entertainment Romano law firm on the subject in November 2021. A lecturer article reads, “In this context, a photographer who photographs a celebrity. who will be the creator of the work and hence the owner of the rights to the image? Such exclusive rights reserved to the authors include the sole right to use, reproduce, distribute, display, create derivative works, and sell and license the work.

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Photos in question, taken in July 2018

The photograph a creative work owned by the photographer and not the subject of the picture. Anyone who wishes to use the photo must obtain permission from the rights-holder which includes the person in the image. And while celebs can own their right of appearance under other laws. “They don’t have the right to use the photo if they don’t have the copyright. or a license for it,” said the photos in question, which were taken in July 2018. And with the suit attached as an exhibit, show Lipa wearing a black sweater with the words “Heroes” in capital letters.

Nancy Wolfe, a lawyer for Abraham and Shepard, says

“There is a misunderstanding with celebrities just because they are the subject of a photo. That doesn’t mean they have any ownership rights in it. Says Nancy Wolfe, an attorney for Cowan, Debates, Abrahams, and Shepard. who specializes in copyright matters. “Not everyone really understands the difference between rights to privacy and publicity and copyright. So, for example, to post a picture on Instagram, there must actually be a fair use reason for doing it.

The trial dismissed with prejudice in October 2021

As previously, a similar lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice in October 2021. Barbera claims that because the singer used to advertise her music and brand and promote her business interests. uses her Instagram account, so she profited financially from posting her copyrighted photos. And the damage done to the “potential market for snaps”. “The paparazzi argue that they make their money from selling their images to media outlets. But when celebrities post the same images, those outlets are less interested in the photos, explains Romano Post.

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