In the 13-minute video, Lipa is wearing two flashy outfits, the first being a rhinestone corset catsuit and matching opera-length gloves, which the star paired with chunky black heeled ankle boots.

Dua Lipa is a Woman of many Talents

Dua Lipa is a woman of many talents, but none had a “high-heeled gymnast” on the list. Recently, the 26-year-old singer took time off from her grueling Future Nostalgia Tour to do her “73 Questions” video with Vogue while in Los Angeles. And during the interview, Lipa displayed an acrobatic hidden talent while donning some serious designer heels.

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Lipa in Epic Stadium Setup

Lipa wears performance attire straight from her Future Nostalgia Tour closet as she tours her epic stadium setup for her LA show. The singer then makes a “quick change” in her signature strappy rhinestone butterfly top, pairing the risque number with dark-washed flared jeans and purple-pointed Amina Muadi glitter heels with an ankle-climbing strap tie.

Lipa shows off the Toughest yoga pose

As part of the “73 Questions” video, Lipa shows off the most difficult yoga pose she’s mastered, which is “Shirshasana in Crow’s Pose.” And she really kicked off the floor in shoes, wearing that strappy butterfly top outfit with designer glitter heels and totally landing on flared heels.

Lipa Talks about her Footwear Preferences

Lipa also answers some questions about her footwear preferences and says. That she would never wear crocs and that she prefers stilettos on the platform. She also says that the first item of designer clothing she ever bought was a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes that she “wore to death.” Maybe that’s why she’s so good at heeled handstands.

Lipa Wearing a Sheer Blue Prada Tank Dress

The video shot as part of Lipa’s appearance on the June/July cover of Vogue. Including a fashion spread and a related cover story in the magazine. On the cover of this issue, Lipa wore a sheer blue Prada tank dress with black fishnet detailing and black micro-shorts in a matching statement metallic eye look.