Dua Lipa Hosts Puma Drop 2 At Bistrotheque In London

Pop cultural sensation Dua Lipa hosted a dinner party with Puma at Bistrotheque in east London last Friday, with Bouillabaisse and Lipa and their tour dancers on the menu having a good time on the dance floor while sipping ice cream sandwiches and affogato. The size being served. Sweet

Record breaking heat in Britain on Monday

Making the most of London’s heat ahead of Monday’s record-breaking heatwave in Britain, guests including drag performer Bimini Bon Boulash, who donned a giant faux fur hat on top of her extravagant Dolly Parton-style wig; Maximilian Davis, the new creative director of Salvatore Ferragamo; Last year’s ANDAM Award winner Bianca Saunders; Gareth Pugh;warned; Charles Jeffrey; Movalola Ogunlesi, and Saul Nash dressed up for the night, some of them mixing items from the Dua Lipa x Puma Flutter Drop 2, which hit the market on July 14.

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British Albanian singer and German sportswear giant

After being held for an hour by guests in the bistrotheque’s loading bay, they were finally seated upstairs, where the entire space was decorated in details such as reservation signs with butterfly motifs to reflect the collaboration between the British Albanian singer and the German sportswear giant was.

Dave Bennett/Getty Images for Puma

Lipa and her tour dancers head straight to the dance floor after presenter Miss Jason says guests should make their way down for dessert.

Puma X Dua Lipa launch organized by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa (center) and her dancers attend the Puma x Dua Lipa launch dinner hosted by Dua Lipa at Bistrotheque in London. – credit: Dave Bennett/Getty Images for Puma

As the rave lights on the dance floor

The singer, who wore a cropped black tracksuit from an old-school rave-inspired capsule, let her hair down as the rave lights up on the dance floor and rocked her body as if she was “levitating” on a DJ set for Hassani. What are you doing. Going to the Globe after a special party with the crew.

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