Drugs Sex And A Racial Firestorm Inside Southern Charm Star

As The Sun reports, “Southern Charm” star Katherine Dennis has been threatened with eviction for failing to pay $9,000 in rent after losing a battle over custody of her children. Over the past eight years, fans have seen troubles in the personal lives of its heads, but nothing more than the dramatic controversies surrounding Catherine.

Thomas, who was much older at the age of 50

Katherine has been involved in a legal battle with her former partner Ravenel since she filed for sole custody in 2020. The ‘Southern Charm’ star met Ravenel on the show and was together during the show’s first three seasons. Thomas, who was much older at the age of 50, won them over. The pair started dating soon after their first meeting in 2014. They eventually welcomed two children, daughter Kensi and son St. The two finally ended their tumultuous relationship in 2016.

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legal custody of two children

Katherine documented the rollercoaster of her pregnancy and her relationship with Ravenel on social media. And nothing has really been hidden. Katherine had full custody in 2016, but lost it when she entered rehab for marijuana addiction. This eventually led to her depression as well. Later in 2018, she sought primary custody of the children after accusing her ex of assault and battery. However, she lost custody of her two children in 2021.

The star reportedly has an ongoing custody battle with Ravenel

She previously opened up on Instagram: “There will be a lot harder times than the good times when you’re without your kids.You have to accept that it’s what it’s like and pivot. Like everything else in parenting.” Plus, the star has reportedly been forced to deal with Ravenel in the midst of an ongoing custody battle with her legal team. He now has to look after his previous attorneys, Susan Rawls Strom and Pete Currens. A new attorney filed a motion for “relief as attorney” in May because of communication issues with him.

What is Katherine Dennis’ net worth?

The news of his possible expulsion comes as a shock. Because Katherine has been working in the industry for a decade. She reportedly earns a salary of $25,000 per episode and has a net worth of around $8 million. The TV star is also the brand ambassador for Gwyn’s department store, according to NewsUnzip, and has also returned to small market modeling. In addition, she is a descendant of John C. Calhoun, the seventh Vice President of the United States of America. She is also the granddaughter of influential legislator Rembert C. Dennis, who served in the South Carolina House of Representatives and the South Carolina Senate for nearly 50 years.

According to The Sun, Mount Pleasant in December 2021

After selling his home in Mount Pleasant for $342,500 in December 2021, according to The Sun. She lived in a high-rise apartment block in Charleston. She moved to 10 WestEdge last year with ex-boyfriend Cheleb Ravenel. With whom he broke up recently, but court documents show. That he was hit with the ‘rule to wait’. A notice of eviction was filed on March 16 by Mount Pleasant Investments LLC, which owns the premises. This was later settled, but a second notice was filed on May 17, mentioning that the terms of occupancy had expired.

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