DPR IAN Has More To Do With Its Art Than Just Making Music

DPR IAN has more to do with its art than just making music. The singer-songwriter, videographer and creative director takes an intimate, insightful approach to his craft with every release. painstakingly create the visual and emotional experience in which his songs find a home.

Titled ‘Moodswings in to order’

Titled ‘Moodswings in to Order’, or as the Sydney-born artist affectionately calls it ‘MIITO’. His debut studio album is part of a much bigger picture. Which is real in its accompanying two-part short film. The project is also deeply personal, it tells the story of Mito, first introduced in the 2021 debut EP. There is a character who expresses her experience living with bipolar disorder, a struggle DPR Ian has been vocal about for years.

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I like to equate all those manic episodes

“I have these manic ups and downs, but I like to equate them to all the manic episodes that I go into, dedicate it to this personality,” he shares. He’s otherwise a regular guy, “but when I’m in these episodes, I’m completely changed. I turn on a switch and become this whole new person with crazy thoughts. I get so chaotic “

I’m going to come out as an artist

“You know, if I’m going to come out as an artist, I just don’t want to come out as me. It’s kind of boring,” he says with a dry laugh. “Not only that , rather a lot of my songs, I make up during my manic episodes. So, it’s not me, it’s Mito who makes these songs, and I just gave him a name.

New 12-track record character’s backstories

If last year’s ‘Moodswings in This Order’ was an introduction to Mito. So says Singer, the new 12-track record is all about the character’s backstory. The story of ‘Mito’ begins with the intro track ‘Seraph’, in which Mito delivers a distorted monologue. “And as soon as you bestow your grace on me, the sky turns red and the stars start falling.

Self Proclaimed Perfectionist, DPR IAN

“The story is very broad. You see how Mito actually used to be an archangel. And then he turns into, I think, he’s a demon,” explains DPR Ian. “But it was out of pure love, and out of that love was betrayal.” A self-proclaimed perfectionist, DPR IAN real name Christian Yu fixes every detail of his work. That’s why it’s not too surprising when he accepts the NME. He is still finalizing a week after the release of his debut studio album.

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