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Dong Will Go By Knowing The World 5 Most Expensive Liquor price

By the way, drinking alcohol is injurious to health. Despite this, a large number of people in the world consume alcohol. Drinking alcohol has become a status symbol these days. Big giants serve the most expensive liquor in front of the guests of their house. So that their status would increase. Today we are going to tell you about the 5 most expensive liquor in the world. You will be surprised to know their price.

Take Tequila .925

Tequila le .925’s name comes at number one in this list. 6400 diamonds are studded in this wine bottle. This wine was launched in Mexico. But to date, no one has bought this wine bottle studded with 6400 diamonds.

Diva Vodka

This wine comes at number two. There is a different type of mold in the middle of each bottle. In which Swarovski crystals are kept. They are used to garnish the drink. The cost of this bottle is Rs 7 crore 30 lakh. One bottle can cost 15 kg of gold.

Ammand de Brignac Medas

The name of this wine is Amanda de Brignac Midas It is considered the most expensive champagne in the world. The size of this champagne bottle is very big. The cost of this champagne is more than Rs 1 crore 40 lakh. It looks very beautiful in appearance.

Dalmore 62

Its name is Dalmore 62. It is considered the most expensive whiskey in the world. It is so expensive that to date only 12 bottles of it have been made. The cost of a bottle of this whiskey is more than Rs 1 crore 50 lakh.

penfolds ampoule

This is Penfolds Ampoule This is the most expensive red wine. The price of this wine, which comes in a bottle-like pen shape, is about Rs 1 crore 20 lakh.

Which is the most expensive liquor in India?

The price of a wine depends on how old it is. By the way, almost a good quality liquor in India starts from ₹ 500 and yet I keep such a list in front of you. Tell the price of the wine that is the most valuable of all the liquor present in India today

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