Dominic Thorne As Ironheart First Look Photos

Marvel continues to take new steps over the next few years, and since the end of the Avengers timeline we’ve been slowly introduced to a new, and smaller, group of heroes. Who will eventually take over the reins of the MCU? That too is coming in phases with some already on the scene. But more is yet to come. One of them is going to be Riri Williams as Dominic Thorne, who eventually turns Ironheart into an alter ego.

A great new update of the series

The series is set for Disney+ and we are getting our first chance to see what the character will look like on the small screen. Images were leaked from the set that shows Thorne in a full metal outfit, one with a helmet and another to watch his face. This is a great new update to the series which has been filming for a few months now. Check out the first images of Ironheart from @therealsupes via CBR.

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Eventually, she enters Tony Stark territory

Whereas Dominic Thorne as Ironheart would not be a 1:1 replacement for Roberty Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man. For now, this is going to be the next iteration of this type of character. In the comics, Riri Williams has no connection with Tony Stark, but is a genius inventor. Joe is able to recreate what Stark was able to do with the Iron Man suit while studying at MIT. Eventually, she enters Tony Stark territory, although she has passed and is able to access more technology.

Stage set for things to come at Ironheart

We’re first going to see Dominic Thorne as Riri Williams in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. However, it is not clear how we will see the character. It’s likely, however, that this is just a cameo to set the stage for what’s to come at Ironheart. While the show is currently filming, we don’t know a ton about how things will pan out with the show. Other artists include Alden Ehrenreich, Anthony Ramos, She Cowley and a few others.

Williams Ironhart as Marvel Youth Movement

Dominic Thorne as Riri Williams Ironheart is part of the Marvel youth movement we’re seeing across the universe right now. It started with Hailee Steinfeld in Hawkeye, when she teamed up with Clint Barton of Jeremy Renner. And it continues with Iman Vellani as Kamala Kahn / Ms. Marvel in the show of the same name. Such is the way of the future with this studio, who have done such an incredible job of threading the needle with their characters. Because they move the stories over the years and years.

Disney and Marvel revealed this

Bringing new blood to more stories is something we’ll see coming. And it will likely remain so as groups like the X-Men and others are brought into the fold. Although Disney and Marvel did not reveal what those roles would be. For the most part, the show has been kept under lock and key. But the character is remarkable because he has got all the skills on his own to become this type of superhero.

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