Doja Cat Shares her DMs Publicly About Her Stranger Things co-star

On Thursday (July 7) Doja went live on Instagram to share a message with her fans. He will not go after Noah. Because he is small and he did not understand. That’s what he was doing when he posted his DMs.

Live to share a message

“I think, to be fair, let’s try to be calm about it,” Doja began. “Like Noah is a kid. But, I don’t even know how old he is. But he can’t be over – like he’s not over 21.”

F-King, F-King Up Relationships With People

“But when you’re so young, you make mistakes. You do dumb s-t. I love trying to be super fair,” Doja continued. “You do dumb s-t.” You say dumb s-t, you f—king, f—k up relationships with people. You make mistakes. Like you should do it so that you know you shouldn’t do it in the future. I f-k up my share so I don’t f-k up again.”

Doja then changed his tune on the situation.

“The fact that Noah did this, like me, and posted a private conversation between him and her, is incredibly socially oblivious and wacky,” Doja said. “It’s like borderline snake s-t. It’s like weasel s-t.”

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I don’t imagine Noah like this

She continued, “And I’m not saying it encompasses his whole personality – like I don’t imagine Noah like that. Maybe he’s like a whole snake. But I didn’t see him that way. Guess he was about to chill about it and went and shared information that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with him.”

Netizens react to the possibility of Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn dating

After TikTok videos gained traction online, netizens were shocked to see the Kiss Me More singer getting in touch with a fellow celebrity. The hearts of Stranger Things fans joked that they would never get a chance to date. Joseph Quinn, now singer is one of the many who have fallen for his charms.

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