DNA Test Reveals Five Strangers Are Half Siblings of The Rock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson apparently has five new half-siblings. According to a report in Sports Illustrated, a total of five strangers have unearthed. That they are indeed related after some investigative and DNA tests.

Lisa Purves, Paula Parsons, Trevor Edwards, Adrian Bowles,

and Aaron Fowler came together after finding out that the late Canadian wrestler Rocky Johnson – Johnson’s father – gave birth to her. Talking to the magazine about his life. shared by all five. that he had no relation with his father. who died in 2020.

Revealed after doing a DNA test

It was only after he discovered his parents and conducted DNA tests over the years that they came to know about their relationship. One of the siblings – Purves – set out to make a documentary about absentee parents, then someone suggested that he make it about himself.

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Now 53, she says she was “ashamed that my father didn’t want me”.

She also shared that she lived in Canada partly to avoid bumping into her famous half-brother, as he works in the same industry. “I never wanted to run into Dwayne, and does anyone know if I was his bastard sister,” she said. But in 2017, Johnson went to Vancouver to film the movie Skyscraper and she couldn’t escape all the buzz.

“Dwayne owes us nothing,” Purves said.

This started a period of depression. But Purves pointed out that it was not about the actor. “I only see that our father loved him, not me,” she said. Parsons shared that she spoke to her father on the phone but they never met.

“We just want to be recognized,” said the 58-year-old.

“We sat on the back burner forever. (Rocky) Our dads were there as well as Dwayne’s. The five have made it clear. That they do not attribute the star to their father. Yahoo has contacted representatives for Star for comment.

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