The banging song of Nora Fatehi’s upcoming song ‘Dirty Little Secret’ has been released.

Nora Fatehi’s dance and stylish style

Bollywood’s Dilbar Nora Fatehi is not interested in any identity today, Nora has achieved this position in her career due to her hard work. The list of fans of Nora Fatehi is very long. Nora Fatehi always remains in limelight for her dance and stylish style. Meanwhile, Nora Fatehi’s new song ‘Dirty Little Secret’ has been released.

Nora Fatehi’s new song ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Nora Fatehi’s new song ‘Dirty Little Secret’ has been released. Not only this but with the release, the song of Nora has become viral on the internet. Nora Fatehi’s latest song ‘Dirty Little Secret’ is in English. Nora has stunned people with her performances on the English beat in the songs. Nora’s very glamorous avatar is seen in this song video. In the video, Nora Fatehi is seen wearing a black and sometimes pink color dress.

Everyone is surprised to see Nora’s look

Or rather, Nora’s look in the song is completely different. Everyone is surprised to see Nora’s look in the song. This song of Nora Fatehi has become viral within a few hours of its release. The special thing is that Nora Fatehi herself has given her voice to this song and Jack Knight has supported her.

Seeing this dance of father on Nora’s Saki-Saki song, the senses will fly away

This video of the father doing tremendous steps and dance moves on Nora Fatehi’s song ‘Saki-Saki’ at his daughter’s wedding is becoming very viral. Dancer and orthodontist Anisha shared this video on her Instagram account, in which she is dancing with her father on the occasion of his sangeet. This dance video of both is being well-liked by the fans on the internet. The father has caught the attention of people with his tremendous dance moves at the daughter’s wedding.

Anisha tagged Nora Fatehi in the caption

Anisha tagged actress Nora Fatehi in her caption and with this ‘Nora Fatehi, my father has taken your place. With this, while tagging on the video, he wrote, ‘Finally, he danced to Bollywood songs in our father-daughter dance performance. This video has got more than 2 lakh 68 thousand likes so far. The video has been viewed more than 14 lakh times since it was shared a few days ago.