Didi And Young Miami Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson

From Capri to Venice, your favorites are living it all summer. And while Italy is always going to be a great time for the wealthy black elite, black residents are currently protesting racism.

Attracted to the idea of ​​catching a flight to Italy

I’ve never been attracted to the idea of ​​catching a flight to Italy before, but Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Ciara, and many more stars are making Bel Pace the place to be this season. Muggle and some of his children, including daughters Jesse, D’Leela, and Chance, as well as son Quincy, have all been engaging in water activities. As the family has enjoyed sailing around Capri. After his arrest, one of Ferlazzo’s lawyers denied it. That it was a racially motivated murder, instead claiming that the attacker had psychiatric issues.

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Celebrities are traveling to Europe in the summer

All summer long, celebrities have been traveling to Europe. There are stops in Italy for everything from fun on the water to weddings, family vacations, and fashion shows. It’s been a busy few months. It’s nice to see black people flock to the country for some rest and relaxation, though, for the record. Whether this is the friendliest place for black people in general remains to be seen. But online black men and women, as well as those taking to the streets in protest in places like Macerata Province, believe so. That murder is an example of the racism they say flourishes in the country.

The murder of Alika Ogochuku last weekend

As a reminder, last weekend there were marches over the murder of Alika Ogochuku, who was caught on camera. Ogochukwu, a Nigerian man, was a street vendor working in the Civitanova Marche. In late July, Filippo was killed by an Italian man named Ferlazzo. Moments before being attacked by Ferlazzo, the victim had unsuccessfully tried to sell some items to him and his girlfriend. And, it should be noted that as soon as the attack happened, no one came forward to help.

How the stars enjoyed their time there

That being said, watch as you see how the stars enjoy their time there. Keep in mind that Italy is always going to be a great time for the wealthy black elite. How it treats the rest of us is still under question. If nothing else, somewhere to go with the sights, sounds, and fun before summer ends. Find your travel inspiration by seeing how your faves enjoy their own getaways.

Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson

Good girlfriends have been seen living the good life with Blige’s BFF Misa Hilton. Enjoying finding food in Capri – like Diddy and co. Blige and Henson have also been enjoying the yacht. He was photographed by the paparazzi in the Mediterranean Sea, while visiting Porto Cervo in Sardinia. He toasted for his girls trip. Drank rosé and soaked up the sun with the crew members.

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