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Despite Being 69 Years old Vladimir Putin is a Very Macho Man

Vladimir Putin Fitness Secret: There is also a lot of discussion about Putin’s fitness. At the age of 68, the whole world is crazy about his agility and demeanor. He also known as the ‘Macho Man’ among world leaders.

Modi-Putin meeting will start at 5.30 pm

The Foreign Ministry said that Prime Minister Modi and President Putin will start the summit at 5.30 pm and the Russian leader will take off from Delhi at 9.30 pm. In view of the summit, India has approved the pending AK 203 Kalashnikov Rifles agreement worth around Rs 5,000 crore for manufacturing more than five lakh AK-203 assault rifles at Korwa in Amethi.

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The timetable of India-Russia meetings

He said that despite the current situation of Kovid-19 in Russia, President Putin’s decision to visit India shows the importance he attaches to the relationship with India. Citing important meetings one after the other, a source said that December 6 will an all-Russian Day. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will hold talks with his Russian counterpart Shoygu.

President Vladimir Putin to meet Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting India on 6 December. During this, he will meet the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Putin’s visit is being considered very important amidst India’s increasing inclination towards America. Putin became president after the resignation of Boris Yeltsin in 1999. Before joining politics, he was a spy in the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency KGB.

Acquired Russian intelligence agency for national security

Faced with difficult situations, Putin graduated in law. After this, he achieved a minor position in the KGB, the Russian intelligence agency for national security. Working in the KGB saw Putin enter politics and successfully begin his political innings that lasted for the next two decades.

Rumors of Vladimir Putin’s health also debunked

In September, the Kremlin released several spectacular photos of the Siberia tour. In which they seen fishing and roaming in remote parts of Siberia on foot. In these pictures, the rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health also ended.

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