Delhi Assembly Panel Summoned To Kangana Ranaut

The Delhi Assembly’s Peace and Harmony Committee has issued summons to actress Kangana Ranaut.

Delhi Assembly’s Peace and Harmony Committee issues summons to actress Kangana Ranaut

In the country’s capital Delhi, the Peace and Harmony Committee of the Legislative Assembly has issued summons to actress Kangana Ranaut. At the same time, Kangana asked by the committee to appear on December 6 at 12:00 noon. This summon issued for the unpleasant and derogatory remarks made about the Sikh society. During this, the chairman of the Assembly Peace and Harmony Committee is Aam Aadmi Party MLA Raghav Chadha.

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The sentiments of the Sikh community were hurt

According to the statement issued by the committee. This complaint against Ranaut lodged in the cyber office of Mandir Marg police station. At the same time, the committee says that recently done on social media. In her post, actress Kangana Ranaut has “deliberately” called the farmers’ protest a ‘Khalistani movement. The statement said the actress used “objectionable and derogatory” language against the Sikh community. At the same time, according to the statement of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, for hurting the sentiments of the Sikh community. The post deliberately prepared and spread on social media with criminal intent.

Twitter accounts of actress on tweet related to inciting violence

Months ago, actress Kangana Ranaut had allegedly made several posts about the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress’s victory over the BJP in West Bengal and the post-poll violence. Demanding President’s rule in the state, the actress blamed Banerjee for the violence and addressed her with such names. which cannot be published. During this, Ranaut wrote in a tweet. it’s terrible. To end bullying, we need super bullying. She (Mamata Banerjee) is like a small monster, to tame her, Modi ji, please show her the early 2000’s look.” Ranaut’s account permanently closed.

For many months, Kangana has been in the news for her statements.

People had expressed anger on social media against Mahatma Gandhi for his objectionable remarks. Making fun of Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra of non-violence, Kangana had said that by turning one more cheek, one gets alms, not freedom. Kangana had remarked that Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh did not get the support of Mahatma Gandhi.

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