Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Cast 5 Random Celebs

Joseph Baena

DWTS Super-Fan: No clue.
Former Entertainment Reporter: Wrestler?
Hipster in Tech: RIP CIITTYYYYYY, the big boy probably can’t dance.
Recent College Graduate: A Wrestler?
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: Whomst.
Who he really is: The 24-year-old son of fitness model and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger with Mildred Patricia Baena.

Selma Blair

DWTS Super-Fan: Oh, I love him.
Former entertainment reporter: Actress. She is Vivienne Kensington among other incredible roles.
Hipster in Tech: They gonna drag this poor girl out of there?!
Recent college graduate: Oh, she played the annoying girl in that one movie alongside Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe!
Natural Wine Bar & Book Store Owner: OMG SELMA, The Sweetest Thing Forever.

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Sam Champion

DWTS Super-Fans: ABC’s Weatherman, Channel 7!
Former Entertainment Reporter: How Many Times Can I Apply “TikTok Influencer”
Hipster in Tech: It’s a Fake Name, Right? Anchorman’s name sounds like someone’s joke.
Recent college graduate: Hmm… a race car driver?
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: The Man of Law & Order?
Who Really Is: Weatherman for Good Morning America and managing editor of The Weather Channel.

Wayne Brady

DWTS Super-Fan: Oh my god, she’s from Let’s Make a Deal.
Former entertainment reporter: Actor whose line is this anyway?, which still stands perfectly.
Hipster in Tech: Wellp, we know who’s winning this shit.
Recent College Graduate: Feels like a football player.
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: A head of network TV whose line since, God bless her.
Who is he really: An Emmy-winning actor and comedian known for whose line anyway? and The Wayne Brady Show. He is the current host of Let’s Make a Deal.

Charlie D’Amelio

DWTS Super-Fan: Boy or Girl?
Former Entertainment Reporter: Oh.
Hipster in Tech: I thought Wayne Brady was good enough for a literal Battle of the Titans. So we’re just inviting the dancers… to dance now?
Recent college graduate: Haha no no way!
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: I know I should know who this is, but I don’t know.
Who She Really Is: The second most followed person on TikTok, influencer stars in her own reality series, Hulu’s The D’Amelios Show.

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