Dancer From Uttarakhand Performed Belly Dance On The Song Of Nora Fatehi

A video is going viral on social media. Due to which a girl from Uttarakhand is getting recognition and fans too. This belly dancer is a social media star and has a huge fan following. See the story of this dancer, who has received praises like ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Hot’ and ‘Superb’ for her belly dance in the past.

Dancer from Uttarakhand performed belly dance on the song of Nora Fatehi

Bollywood dancer and actress Nora Fatehi’s item song Kusu Kusu has more than 100 million views on the video. So the craze of this song has started across the country. A belly dancer from Uttarakhand also uploaded the video of her dance on this song on social media. So the fans went crazy. A user has even commented on this video, which has got thousands of views on social media. It is even better than the original.

To release the video of her dance on the song Kusu Kusu. This dancer from Uttarakhand has released the moves of belly dance in the form of videos. They are being liked fast. This dancer has been sharing videos of belly dance on social media in the past as well.

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This video was released on Instagram on November 28

Which has got more than 9 thousand views so far. It is being told that more than 78,000 views have been achieved on social media.

Dancer Name Sonali Cantura

This dancer is being identified as Sonali Cantura of Uttarakhand. The video of the Kusu Kusu belly dance is going viral on the Instagram page of the same name. Hashtags used by Sonali with this video. It is evident from her that she belongs to Dehradun.

Sonali Cantura gets over 25,000 views for the song ‘Nase Si Chad Gayi’

Sonali has been sharing videos of her belly dance even before the popular song Kusu Kusu from Satyamev Jayate 2. About a week ago, Sonali shared the video of belly dance on the song ‘Kudi Nashe si chad gay on Instagram itself, which has got more than 25 thousand views.

Sonali is quite popular on Instagram and the number of her followers here is very close to the figure of 3 lakhs. In her Insta post, Sonali describes herself as a resident of Vikasnagar, Dehradun.

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