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Dancer Called For Prisoners In Jail Obscene Dance Behind Bars

A Christmas party was held for the prisoners in a public prison in Brazil. Many dancers were called to this party. These dancers did obscene dance in jail, the video of which is going viral.

Inmates organize a party in a Brazilian prison

A party was organized for prisoners in a prison in Brazil. Many dancers were called to this party, who did obscene dance in jail. The video of this dance is now going viral on social media.

porn dance in brazil prison

This party was kept for the prisoners in the jail on the occasion of Christmas. According to the report, this prison is located in the city of Goiana in the northeastern state of Pernambuco, Brazil. In which 105 prisoners were given a party on 24 December. Dancers were called in this party, who danced obscenely in front of the prisoners.

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In the video going viral, the dancer was seen grooving behind the bars of the jail. People are surprised to see this video that how the dancer was called to jail. After this video of the dancer went viral, many prisoners were transferred to another jail. Apart from this, one employee was also transferred.

Many prisoners were seen dancing with the dancers in the video.

In the video going viral, many prisoners were also seen dancing among the dancers. When the video went viral, the jail staff clarified that it was called for Christmas celebrations. So far it is not clear that two dancers were called for the entertainment of how many prisoners. Now that this video has gone viral, a team was formed to investigate it. Now after investigation, the accused will be punished.

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