Damson Idris Says John Singleton Asked Him To Audition For Snowfall

“‘If you survive, you’ve got the role. And it was really an experience,'” Idris explained. Damson Idris shares and reveals a memory from his early Snowfall audition. that he was assigned to “survive” the role of Franklin St. in South Central.

Idris visits The Drew Barrymore Show

On Monday (March 13), Idris visited The Drew Barrymore Show. Where he asked the famous actor about his humble beginnings while attempting to lock down the lead role. The British actor told a story when John Singleton, the show’s late producer, and director, took him to an LA neighborhood with a challenge.

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Idris, 31, recalled with a laugh

By audition number eight, Singleton took me to South Central, opened the car door, and said, ‘If you survive, you’ve got the role. And it was truly an experience. I was walking in South Central, I had to stay in character, so I wasn’t allowed to be British,” Idris, 31, recalled with a laugh. “And, I said to her mom, ‘Oh, how lovely your hair looks today. I’m just going to go and put it in a trash can,’ and she goes, ‘John, she’s not from here. Huh?’ Almost lost the part. But hey, six seasons later, here we are.

Returning to the airwaves in February 2023

The Peckham, London native has played Saint for all six seasons of the acclaimed FX series. And has even been nominated for several accolades for her performance. Snowfall has been airing since 2017 and is in its final season, with the concluding chapter returning to the airwaves in February 2023. According to TV Line, the crime drama begins in October 1986 as “civil war threatens to destroy the Saint family.

Louie takes over Franklin’s role as Teddy’s sole buyer.

After being wiped out by Carter Hudson, former CIA officer Teddy McDonald, played by Franklin Demson Idris, is desperate and forced to rob his Auntie Louie Angela Lewis and Uncle Jerome (Amin Joseph). took over Franklin’s role as buyer, undermining his nephew and building a competing empire in the process.

Idris expressed

“I can’t imagine this story being told anywhere on FX,” expressed Idris. “I am incredibly proud of the history that we all created.” Especially snowfall has affected the culture. Rarely does a TV show get a sixth season, and it will be heartbreaking to say goodbye to ‘Franklin St.’ But the families and relationships I have made on this journey will last a lifetime. I know John Singleton is looking down smiling proudly.

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