Dallas Star Patrick Duffy Ends Romance With Happy Days actress Linda Pearl

The “Dallas” actor and “Happy Days” actress hit it off in 2020 during a group text chat amid the coronavirus pandemic. They enjoyed slow courtship, or what Pearl once described as “a very Victorian process”, where they spent weeks before sharing a kiss.

Duffy revealed

“When we got together, I really remember that I was late in the afternoon, and we ate dinner and we made dinner in the kitchen,” the 73-year-old told People magazine on Wednesday. “And it was a dance we’d never done together, but the choreography we both knew.”

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Duffy mentioned

Linda is a master cook, and I learn every day from the way she cooks. The way we act together as individuals.” Duffy noted that the pair work together “seamlessly” in both business and their personal lives. The couple recently had a sour. Team formed to launch the brand.

By outlet

“I’m really proud of both of us that nothing comes in the way of our relationship or our ability to function in the world because we’re really in love with each other,” he said. , Duffy and Pearl were casual friends but lost touch with time. It was during the pandemic when they rekindled their friendship during a group chat. He soon found himself deep in conversation – just two of them.

Duffy also told Closer Weekly

I loaded up my car and drove 20 hours and ended up at his door to see if it was real,” Duffy previously told the outlet. “We haven’t parted since.” Duffy told Closer Weekly It also revealed that they “zoomed every single night for at least two to three hours.” “We explored all our history, our past, our love,” he told the outlet. “We listened to music together and Covered all the base you’d normally cover in months of dating.”

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