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Cyclonic Storms will Also Be Seen In Jharkhand

The effect of the cyclonic storm ‘Jawad’ can be seen in Jharkhand. There is a possibility of rain in many districts. This time the cold in the state can trouble the people.

Cyclonic storm will also be seen in Jharkhand

The low pressure around the Andaman Sea has been predicted to turn into a depression by Thursday. The depression which progresses after that will turn into a cyclone. The cyclone is expected to reach the coastal areas of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh on Saturday morning. Due to the cyclone, there will be heavy rain in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Along with this, its effect will remain in Jharkhand for three-four days. According to meteorologist Abhishek Anand, the clouds will keep coming on December 2. Light rain may occur in some parts of the state on December 3. More impact can be seen in the southern part of Jharkhand. After this, on December 4 and 5, most parts of the state will receive rain. There is a possibility of rain on 6th December as well.

Will see the winter season

The widespread effect of cold is beginning to be seen in Jharkhand. Haze and fog have also started appearing in many areas. In the forecast issued by the Meteorological Department regarding the weather in the state, it was said that the effect of fog will also be visible in Jharkhand. Looking at the forecast of the Meteorological Department, it can be said that this time there may be a chilling cold in Jharkhand.

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Because of this, there will be severe winter

Actually, Jharkhand has received heavy rains this year. In the initial phase of the monsoon, less than average rainfall was recorded in the state. But due to the continuous rise of cyclone in the Bay of Bengal and the formation of a low-pressure area, there has been continuous torrential rains in the state. In view of the rain, there was a possibility that this time the cold in the state may disturb the people.

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