Coronation Street Spoiler Assuming it is Her Biggest Mistake

Coronation Street star James Craven has revealed that his character Aaron Sandford would ‘read the signs wrong’ when he raped Amy Barlow after a night out drunk.

Friends sharing a kiss after a night out

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In the ensuing scenes, the friends engage in non-consensual sex after sharing a kiss after a night out, with a drunken Amy collapsing on the bed while Aaron continues to kiss her. Speaking to MailOnline ahead of scenes airing next week, James explained that Aaron ‘assumes’ that Amy has consented as she did not outright reject his proposal, and repeatedly insisted that he has ‘done nothing wrong.’

The Story of Consent with The Schools’ Consent Project

Amy slowly remembers the details of the night as she passes out from the dark visions and learns that she was raped. Coronation Street researchers have worked with The Schools’ Consent Project to sensitively portray the story of consent and hope it will educate young viewers on the issues surrounding sexual activity.

James explained: ‘I think he definitely fails to read the signs. And I think he mentioned that the biggest mistake he makes at this point in time is that he doesn’t, he assumes it’s okay to continue. ‘Cause as far as he’s concerned, everything has been fine up until this very moment. And she’s doing everything right. And the emphasis doesn’t really take the word. Because this is his biggest mistake.

‘And he doesn’t check in with himself. And more importantly, he doesn’t check in with Amy. But he is, he is fine with all this. So I think it’s a kind of lack, it’s a lack of care because of a lack of thought.’ Later scenes see Aaron struggling to understand this.

Malicious character or it is no longer an evil character

‘But he hasn’t been this malicious character or this evil character in the past. And I think that’s a really important thing about the story. That’s why it should be so important because as a person he is, he’s still capable of doing something like that.

Make yourself vulnerable to position

The important thing to highlight. Does if someone is in that state because he has drunk and all emotions are heightened to the maximum, does it make him vulnerable to bring himself to this state.’

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