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Confusion In Pakistan Questions Raised On The Authority Of Deputy Speaker In Supreme Court

The opposition had brought a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan in the National Assembly. The speaker rejected the no-confidence motion, agreeing to Imran Khan’s claim of a foreign conspiracy. But now it is being told that even the Pakistani army does not believe in Imran’s statement of a foreign conspiracy.

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America again denies Imran’s allegations

The matter of allegations of a foreign conspiracy by Imran Khan regarding the no-confidence motion has reached Washington. After mentioning America in the letter from Imran Khan, America has again given its response. Talking to a newspaper, a US State Department official denied these allegations outright.

US official denied

In this case, an official of the US State Department in Washington says that America supports the constitutional process in Pakistan. There is no truth in the allegations made by Imran Khan. The official said that we respect and support the constitutional process and legitimate governance of Pakistan.

What did Imran Khan say?

Taking the name of America in the middle of his address, Imran Khan claimed that a threatening letter had come from America. That letter was against me. He said that there was talk of a no-confidence motion in the letter. It was said in the letter that if Imran Khan remains the Prime Minister, then our relations with your country will get spoiled. It was said in the letter that if Imran Khan leaves, he will forgive Pakistan. He said that a conspiracy hatched against me.

Imran’s chair saved in the last moments

Let us tell you that Imran Khan’s foreign conspiracy trick worked in the last moments. Shortly before the vote on the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly on Sunday, the deputy speaker rejected the no-confidence motion. He had given the reason behind this to a large extent due to conspiracy.

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