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CM Mamta Banerjee Targets Rahul Gandhi

Targeting the Congress, Mamta Banerjee said I told him many times to make an expert team. Who should guide us but Congress did not listen.

CM Mamta Banerjee targets Rahul Gandhi

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has made a big attack on Rahul Gandhi while continuing his stance against Congress. He said that if a person does not do anything and stays only abroad, then how will the work be done? Didi said in gestures that if you do not stay in the field. BJP will make you bold. If you stay in the field, BJP will lose.

In which states will it expand?

Mamta said that everything is fine in our Bengal, but we had to come out. With our arrival, the competition will increase. He said that BJP will have to go if all regional parties come together. During this, he also gave the slogan of BJP Hatao Desh Bachao. Mamta said that as long as you are alive, fight till then. We are not coming to Maharashtra, we will not go wherever the regional party is doing good work. Will support your regional colleagues.

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Who were present in Mamta’s meeting?

Congress leader Shatrughan Sinha also appeared during Mamata Banerjee’s meeting with enlightened people in Mumbai.

Will not contest elections in Maharashtra

Mamta Banerjee said that we are not coming to Maharashtra. Wherever regional parties are doing well. We will not go there but will encourage our regional comrades and stay with them. Mamta said that everything is fine in our Bengal but we will have to get out of Bengal, due to our arrival, the competition will also increase.

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