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CM Captain Amarinder Singh Welcomed The Decision To Withdraw All Three Agricultural Laws

On the occasion of Guru Parv, the farmers’ movement against the three agricultural laws has won. Accepting the demand of farmers, PM Narendra Modi has decided to withdraw three agricultural laws. Former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has welcomed this decision of the Central Government. Captain Amarinder Singh has expressed hope that the central government will continue to work for the development of agriculture.

CM Amarinder Singh thanked PM Modi by tweeting

Amarinder Singh thanked PM Modi by tweeting. The former CM wrote, ‘Thank you Narendra Modi ji for accepting the demand of farmers and repealing three agricultural laws. This good decision taken on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti. I sincerely hope that the central government will continue the development work. For farmers.

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Capt Amarinder Singh was in support of the farmers’ movement

Let us tell you that Captain Amarinder Singh has stood in support of the farmers’ movement from the very beginning. Amarinder Singh met PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah several times to get the three agriculture laws repealed. Recently, Captain Amarinder Singh reiterated the demand for repeal of three agriculture laws and said that if this movement continues, there may be unrest in Punjab.

Capt Amarinder Singh will now contest elections with BJP

With this, the way cleared for Captain Amarinder Singh to join the BJP. Due to the protest of the farmers, Amarinder Singh distanced himself from the BJP. Amarinder Singh had demanded that if the agriculture laws repealed, he would contest the elections together with the BJP.

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