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Christine McGuinness Is ‘on Top Of The World’ As She Takes A cryptic Swipe At Former Paddy

Christine McGuinness appeared to take aim at ex Paddy McGuinness on Instagram with the song ‘On Top of the World’ after their well-publicized split in July

Christine McGuinness shared on her Instagram Story on Thursday

In a cryptic message the ex was seen taking a swipe at Paddy McGuinness. The 34-year-old posted a video montage of himself patting his hair before falling out and enjoying life alone in various London locations – Imagine Dragons track, Along with ‘On Top of the World’. The former Real Housewives cast member from Cheshire also shared a photo to her 681,000 followers, which she captioned: “And all of a sudden you know. It’s the magic of starting something new and starting over.” It’s time to trust.

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Christine McGuinness after the breakup

Fans were clearly delighted to see Christine so happy after the breakup, with one comment: “It’s absolutely true, new hairstyle begins a new life. Love and best wishes to you in your new ventures.” Another supportive user Wrote, “Go Christine, raise your head for this.” A third added: “You’re a strong amazing woman, you have a sweet smile, keep that smile… you go girl.”

Image to Christine on a Television

The fourth said: “Good luck Christine with everything that comes your way. Never forget you’re amazing. I think you should strictly, you’ll be absolutely amazing.” Maybe that fan might be on to something because Christine can be seen sitting near a television camera in the image, while several other users also questioned her possible involvement in the BBC’s hit show, Strictly Come Dancing.

34 year old Christine

Christine, 34, and Top Gear presenter Paddy, 48, who share twins Leo and Penelope, nine, and daughter Felicity, six, said in a joint statement that they are now “being the best parents” for their three children. It read: “We didn’t plan to share this publicly until we were ready, but following the lack of privacy in our private lives, we have no choice but to clarify.” There is no other option left.

love and support to children

“A while back we made the difficult decision of separating but our main focus is to continue to give love and support to our children as always. It was not an easy decision, but we as the best parents to our three Moving on. Beautiful kids. We will always be a loving family, we still have a great relationship and still live happily together in our family home.

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