Chris Jericho Believes Vince McMahon Raced Two-Time WWE World Champion During His Reign

Chris Jericho recently revealed surprising details about Vince McMahon’s outlook on Jake Hager FKA Jack Swagger in WWE. Talked about the initial ideas going into the inner circle. Jake Hager is currently a part of Jericho’s new stable, JAS. Meanwhile, Cesaro, now known as Claudio Castagnoli, is the current ROH World Champion.

A large number of young wrestlers at the Wizard’s first stable in AEW

Wizard’s first stables in AEW included a large number of young wrestlers. Stars such as Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager were most prominent, with MJF and Wardlow also briefly joining in. Talking about Anthony Ogogo on Talk Is Jericho. And speaking of Anthony Ogogo, the veteran revealed. That Vince McMahon did not like Jake Hager during his later time in WWE.

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Former WWE Champion Road Dogg is from Switzerland

Tony Khan recommended Anthony, Gogo, and Ogogo as heaters. And I was training at a kickboxing gym, where Jake Hager coached WWE as well. But did not utilize their potential. They just never found anything for him. Vince didn’t like him because he has a Lisp. Vince doesn’t like Cesaro. It was clearly too scary for former WWE Champion Road Dogg to fight him because he’s from Switzerland.

With Road Dogg out of the in-ring action now

While Vince McMahon did not like Jake Hager, another WWE legend was not keen to face him for different reasons. Speaking about a special encounter between her and Jake Hager on his Oh You Don’t Know podcast. Road Dogg recounts how he held back from the former “All-American”. The in-ring is now out of action with the Road Dogg. The chances of seeing both of them again in the same ring are slim. Fans will have to enjoy Jake Hager’s adventures for now.

Road dog revealed

Along with Jake Hager, aka Jack Swagger, he’s a big giant, raw-boned, athletic son of a gun. Like, a shooter, for real I didn’t want any part of that. There’s a funny part where I came back to Rumble, where I worked my way up with The Miz and Cody. And I am grateful to the people who let me do my job. Bing, bang, boom, I turn around, and there’s Jack Swagger,” Road Dogg reveals. And I just go, ‘No, no, no, and I just step back and put my head under the ropes.

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