Chloe Ferry Wows In PVC As parties In Ibiza After Social Media Break

Chloe Ferry and her partner Geordie Shore stunned as they pose outside the Ibiza Rocks hotel to blow off some steam in the wake of Chloe’s social media detox

Post a stunning photo with Amelia Hewitt

Chloe Ferry has garnered her 3.8 million followers by posting a stunning photo in Ibiza with fellow Geordie Shore cast members Bethan Kershaw and Amelia Hewitt. The reality star, 26, in an orange PVC corset and a matching wrap around skirt Looking gorgeous, as she did inside the Ibiza Rocks hotel.

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a tight mesh cover-up dress

She completed her look by wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, gold earrings while keeping her blonde hair slicked back. Bethan, 27, wore a barely-there bikini, a tight netted cover-up dress, flecked with gold. There were chains and gold hoop earrings. Meanwhile, Amelia opted for a pretty black bikini with a transparent black wrap around skirt that reached the floor.

Bethan posted the photo on Instagram, tagging both Chloe and Amelia.

Chloe’s retreat to Ibiza comes after the 26-year-old decided to quit social media as if she needed a break after a few months of tough times. Issuing a statement on Instagram, she wrote : “I decided to get on social media and my phone for a few days to try to find myself again and find out what this life is really about! After one thing done. Life and I feel like I need a break.

go to my instagram/snapchat

She then explained that she needed to take some time out for herself as she added: “Remember not everything you see on social media is real, a detox must happen in order to remember what is important in life. They Said, “From now on, whatever goes on my Instagram/Snapchat pre-recorded stuff/action on behalf of my agents and business partners.

With New Boyfriend “Slow Things Down”

Before she completely deleted her social media pages, she had time to refute rumors that she engaged to Johnny Wilbo, insisting at the time that she was “slowing things down” with her new boyfriend. She is believed to have beendating Johnny for a few months, and things are going well between the pair – so much so that Johnny got Chloe’s name tattooed around her neck.

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