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Chinese Astronaut Wang Yaping Created History

A woman astronaut has created history in the rapidly growing China in the field of space. Wang Yaping walks out of the under-construction space station.

For the first time in the history of space, a woman did this amazing

Wang Yaping’s partner, Zhai Zhigang, walked in space for about six and a half hours in the early hours of Monday. Said in a statement by the ‘China Mend Space Agency’. This has happened for the first time in the space history of China. When a female astronaut has walked in space.

Wang went on the longest mission on October 16

China has made its biggest leap in space. China’s longest crewed mission to date successfully launched on 16 October. Its three astronauts are currently at the Chinese Space Center. They will stay there for 6 months. After the success of this mission, China will definitely move a step towards becoming a space power. The three astronauts took off from the Jiuquan Launch Center in northwestern China’s Gobi Desert at midnight on October 15. The next day they reached Tiangong Space Station.

Joined Air Force since 1997

A native of Shandong province and mother of a five-year-old girl, Wang joined the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Air Force, in August 1997. She was deputy squadron commander before joining the second group of astronauts in the PLA’s space unit in May 2010. She is the second Chinese woman to go into space. He was selected in December 2019 for the current manned space mission. When Wang and Zhai were walking on Monday. His third aide was providing vital support to him from within the Ye Guangfu module.

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Wang is the mother of a child

The mission is being commanded by 55-year-old Zhai Zhigang. According to him, the team will perform more complex spacewalks than in previous missions. Let us tell you that Zhai is the first astronaut to do China’s spacewalk in 2008. A crew member of this mission is 41-year-old military pilot Wang Yaping. In 2013, she became the second woman to go into space. Whereas now she is the first woman to reach the space station. The third member of the team is 41-year-old People’s Liberation Army pilot Ye Guangfu. Wang, a native of Shandong province, is the mother of a 5-year-old child. She joined the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force in August 1997.

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