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China Military Exercise In The Dark Of Night Preparations Are Being Made To Fight The War

The Chinese army is preparing to fight a dangerous war in the dark of night. This exercise is happening at a time when relations between India and China are not good.

Relations between India and China have been going through tension for some time.

Despite several rounds of talks between the two countries, the problem remains the same. In such a situation, shocking news has come out about China. He is doing military exercises in the dark of night. Due to which it seems that he is preparing for an attack. The Joint Military Brigade of the People’s Liberation Army of China is conducting military exercises with biological (biological), anti-nuclear warfare, and chemical weapons in Tibet. Let us tell you that there is a dispute going on between India and China on the border of Eastern Ladakh adjacent to Tibet, which continues till now.

Extends for 3,488 km from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh

It conducted under the Western Theater Command (WTC) in the Tibet Military Region. Which is the largest of the five commands of China. This Sino-India disputed border is responsible for that. It extends for 3,488 km from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. The news of the 24-hour long exercise, held in late November, published in an official PLA news portal on Tuesday. China’s official military media rarely mentions those exercises. Including Chinese armed forces and non-traditional weapons.

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actual combat practice

The news briefly described the nature of the drill and the soldiers participating. But it not specifically mentioned. Where the exercise held? It read, ‘A joint military brigade under the Tibet Military Area Command conducts actual combat exercises on an icy plateau in late November.’ Its heading reads. The Synthetic Brigade of the Tibet Military Region has conducted cross-day and night mobile multi-arm coordinated actual warfare exercises. It read after the rocket launched and the armored assault group deployed, army engineers, called in to detonate the targeted ‘trouble’.

How is China preparing?

It said the commanding officer warned of a ‘nuclear, biological and chemical attack’. ‘Suffered a nuclear, biological, and chemical attack! Suddenly, an order came. 3rd Battalion Commander Li Kunfeng, wearing a gas mask, quickly passed through the poisoned area and then reported the situation to the command post, then requested help and decontamination (sort of sanitizing) from the chemical defense detachment. During the exercise, the focus was on key and difficult topics like close monitoring of ‘enemy’ position, day and night maneuvers, and multi-weapon (multi-weapon).

soldiers wearing gas masks

The report contained photographs of the exercise, in which a soldier was wearing a gas mask. Earlier in November, in a report, the US Department of Defense had said. China is doing research on the technology of dual-use of chemical and biological. The PRC is engaged in potentially dual-use biological activities, the report said. Since then, there increased concern about the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention (BWC) and the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

deployment of troops in large numbers

The exercise is part of the PLA’s continued efforts to be war prepared on the Sino-India border. It is said that he has stationed a large number of soldiers here. It is estimated that thousands of soldiers deployed with advanced weapons. PLA media have described how it has improved facilities and living conditions for its troops in the highlands of Tibet and Xinjiang. This shows his long deployment. There was a skirmish between Indian and Chinese armies in Ladakh in May 2020. After which both sides gradually deployed thousands of soldiers as well as heavy weapons on the border. So far, several rounds of talks have taken place, due to which only a few soldiers have been withdrawn.

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