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Childhood Coach Furious at BCCI For Removing Virat Kohli From Captaincy

Virat vs BCCI: There has been an uproar in the Indian cricket ever since Rohit Sharma was made the ODI captain in place of Virat Kohli. On Sourav Ganguly’s claim

The press conference further escalated the controversy.

Virat Kohli and BCCI claim that everything is going well in Indian cricket. But as the news came out for the past few days, the reality has been seen in a different way. Before leaving for the South Africa tour, the press conference of Virat Kohli further increased the controversy. Regarding his removal from the ODI captaincy, Kohli had said that just one and a half hours before the selection of the team for the tour of South Africa, he was informed about his removal from the ODI captaincy.

Why Virat Kohli have to be removed from the captaincy of ODIs

Whereas BCCI President Sourav Ganguly had said that I myself had spoken to Virat and requested him not to give up the captaincy of T20. For this reason, the selectors had to remove him from the captaincy of ODIs. Because he wanted a captain for limited overs.

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Childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma expressed disappointment

Virat Kohli’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma has expressed his disappointment for Kohli. He said, “What happened to Virat Kohli is astonishing to me. What shall I say on this? Whatever happened, it should not have happened. I would not like to say much in this matter. All I would say is that the board has the authority. Whatever decision he has taken, he must have taken it after thinking. My statement on what happened, whether right or wrong, doesn’t matter anymore.”

Didn’t go right with Virat Kohli: Rajkumar Sharma

Rajkumar Sharma further said, “I had not seen Virat Kohli’s press conference, but what happened to him is rarely heard and seen. There is a communication gap somewhere between BCCI and Kohli. I believe that transparency should have been adopted in this matter. Why and how did this happen? How the communication gap came between them, I do not know.

The controversy started after Kohli stepped down as T20 captain

Virat Kohli left the captaincy of this format after the T20 World Cup. After this, he removed from the captaincy of ODI a few days ago. On this issue, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said that he had asked Kohli not to give up the captaincy of T20. But he did not listen. This claim of Ganguly was refuted by Virat in the press conference held a day before leaving for the South Africa tour. He had said, “What was said about the decision of ODI captaincy was wrong.

I was contacted for the test series on December 8, one and a half hours before the selection committee meeting. No one had spoken to me before this. When I gave the decision to step down from my T20 captaincy. Nothing happened after that.”

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