Cheryl was plagued by hateful notes left by a stalker outside the West End theater

Cheryl has beefed up security following the ordeal of Stalker during its current West End run.

demonstrations allegedly blighted

The Girls Aloud singer is currently starring in 2:22 A Ghost Story at the Lyric Theater in London. The night’s performances have reportedly been blighted after ‘disgusting’ notes were left for her at the theatre. ‘There is at least one nut who has been sending very hateful and disturbing messages,’ the source told The Sun. He is not shown but they are among the flowers that people leave after the performance.

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Cheryl’s own security team

Cheryl has had enough of being on stage every night in a packed theater to even think about, but steps have been taken to increase security and put her mind at ease.’It has been reported that Cheryl has a team of her own security who monitor her movements and escort her everywhere, while she has a car waiting outside the stage door to take her back home to Buckinghamshire.

Contacted a representative for Cheryl by mail online for comment.

Last week Cheryl’s co-star Jake Wood said the theater newcomer has been ‘fearless’ in her approach to her West End debut. After Hugo Chegwin of People Just Do Nothing pulled out of the show due to illness during rehearsals, the 50-year-old former EastEnders actor reprise his role as Ben in the supernatural thriller. Cheryl plays Jenny in the drama and Jake insists she has been ‘remarkable’ as she has no previous acting experience.

37-year-old pop star Lily Allen

Cheryl has felt the pressure, but after years in the industry, I think she’s quite fearless. ‘It’s quite remarkable to see someone who has never acted before take to the West End stage, be able to handle that pressure. headlines with.’ It’s amazing how resilient she really is. And she’s giving an amazing performance, people are in awe of her good performance. Jake, who originally played Ben opposite pop star Lily Allen, 37, in 2021, discussed that some people will be upset when Cheryl comes into the production. How closed-minded.

Former Soap Star Theater performance

‘Some areas’ feel ‘some people should stay in their boxes’ but she thinks it is a positive step for people to ‘branch out’. The former soap star admits ‘a few hundred’ people Performing in front of a theater is like water off a duck’s back for pop stars who have played to an arena packed with thousands of fans.

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