Channing Crowder Ideas For Kevin Hart To Visit Nudist Colonies With His Wife

Kevin Hart was shocked by Channing Crowder’s revelation that he and his wife Aja visited the nudist colony once a year. The 43-year-old comic/actor appeared on The Pivot podcast on Tuesday with hosts Crowder, Ryan Clarke and Fred Taylor, and the topic came up.

Crowder elaborates on getting ready for nudist colony trips

Crowder, 38, said, ‘So my wife and I go to a nudist colony, once a year, we go to a nudist colony. We go to a place where you walk in and everyone gets naked and walks around.’ Hart asked Crowder, ‘What’s going on?’ Which led to Crowder detailing how to prepare for his visits to the nudist colony. “You have to shave and show everything, and especially when you shave your s***, it looks bigger,” Crowder told Hart. Crowder explained that in the nudist colony “there are swingers out there.” ‘, but when you get there.

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Crowder explained that ‘there are swings in the nudist colony’

The Ride Along star said he ‘just wanted to be clear’ what Crowder was talking about, asking him. ‘You’re just… just walking around, or are you s****ing these guys?’ Huh.’ as personal boundaries. Hart told Crowder, ‘I get it. I don’t know why you’re not listening to me I want to know, so you all get down, what are you saying? 43-year-old Kevin Hart was shocked by Channing Crowder’s revelation that he and his wife Aja were once a year Bar nudists go to the colony.

‘ asked Hart, pushing his glasses down

Crowder said that he and his wife don’t “get down” with other couples, but they do like to be around naked people together. ‘ Hart pushed down his glasses and asked, ‘You hear what you are saying out loud, brother?’ Before saying that a trip to a nudist colony was unlikely to be on his to-do list. To be honest with you, I have no desire to be around a bunch of people like that. Those I don’t know are just sitting there naked,’ said Hart. ‘I’m willing to bet. In fact, as a good number – there aren’t a lot of people going through this small phase.

Your Only Headliners Aloud Tour with Chris Rock

Hart’s comical exchange came days after he headlined Madison Square Garden on Saturday on his Only Headliners Aloud Tour with Chris Rock. At the famous venue, Dave Chappelle made an unintentional appearance and performed for 20 minutes. Hart shared a shot with his comedy colleagues on Instagram, describing the outing as “the best moment of his career so far.” Kevin Hart has a strange reaction to Channing. Crowder tended to move to nudist colonies. Because Dave Chappelle made an unintentional appearance. The show’s Fred Taylor was entertaining from the line of discussion.

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