Channel 5 Storm Huntley Urges Fans

The Jeremy Vine presenter said ‘If you see something online that sounds too good to be true. It probably is’ as she urged her fans not to compare themselves to online beauty standards.

Said Jeremy vine presenter

‘If you see something online that seems too good to be true it probably is,’ the Jeremy Vine presenter said as he urged his fans not to compare themselves to online beauty standards. Because it’s not my face,” she continued as she turned her face around at the camera. “I’m not pregnant but it’s fantastic to know that I look it.

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Online users on social media

Online users of social media are increasingly using ‘filters’ when they take pictures or videos of themselves and post them to their followers. Many of which are settings that drastically change the look and shape of your face. But just hours later, the furious new mum shared the update, saying: “Since when did this become acceptable?

Body confidence issues

They can be completely transformed by skin texture, airbrush finish, and even your entire facial features. The growing trend of how people look is becoming a concern for many people. Because fear is created in them which creates the problem of self-confidence in the body when people feel. That they need to live up to the ‘fake’ standard Storm addresses in his video.

Thank you for your honesty and authenticity

The first-time parents, who gave birth to Otis Abi Okan last July. There was a flood of support for his honesty on his Twitter page from his loyal fleet of 78.8k followers. Thank you for your honesty and authenticity, way to go,” said one pro fan sharing the heart. The real you is better. In most circumstances, the real will beat the artificial-IMO”.

Very nice and very beautiful Storm

Another fan said, “Storm, you definitely don’t need a filter. You are a natural beauty. Lucky lady.” accusing her of being “pregnant again”. Storm proudly uploaded the picture to her 789,000 followers and fans, looking stunning in a television studio, dressed in a bright yellow outfit.

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