Chainsaw Man Part 2 Introducing The Manga Most Metal Weapon Yet

Chainsaw Man is back at long last, and fans are loving the new part of the series. Finally, producer Tatsuki Fujimoto revived the story this week after promising an epic comeback. The big event also introduced a new Devil to the series, and brought newcomer Chainsaw Man the most metal weapon ever produced.

Satan’s final stage of battle with mortal battle

Everything went haywire when Chainsaw Man Chapter 98 went live. It was there that fans were introduced to War Devil as the creature took over the body of a high school girl. Satan saves the child from death after a jealous classmate makes a deal with Justice Devil to cast him out. And after coming to life, the war devil takes revenge on the girl’s high school teacher by making a sword.

Devil easily breaks high school teacher’s spine

To be specific, the sword is made from the spinal column of Sri Tanaka. War Devil easily rips down a high school teacher’s spine, and let’s say the whole ordeal is rather bloody.

Battle Devil to Defeat the Host of Justice Devil

The fun is already at its peak in Chainsaw Man Part Two, and there’s more to come. The War Devil uses a spinal sword to defeat the Justice Devil’s host, and the girl finds it difficult to blame for their actions. There was some bad karma coming on the part of the teacher as he was clearly sleeping with his students. But still, he really turned out to be in the worst possible way.

Chainsaw Man and Its Wild Return

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