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Celtics Ime Udoka Gets Significant Suspension’ for Breaching Team Guidelines

Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka could face a “significant suspension” for violating organizational guidelines. It is not specified what caused the violation. But ESPN reports that “potential disciplinary action” is being discussed by the Celtics.

Not in danger of losing your job

ESPN also noted that Udoka is not in danger of losing his job. But a suspension is imminent and could be announced as early as Thursday.

In the first season, Udoka defeated Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals.

In his first season with the Celtics last year, Udoka led Boston to the Eastern Conference Finals. Where his team defeated the Miami Heat to travel to the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors would eventually win.

Playoff as the number two seed in the Eastern Conference

The Celtics advanced to the playoffs as the number two seed in the Eastern Conference going 51–31. Udoka became the fifth coach in the last 25 years to make it to the finals in his first year as head coach.

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