Caroline Stanbury Wedding Ring Says She Was The Victim Of A Robbery While Vacationing In Greece

The Real Housewives of Dubai star is holidaying with her family on the island of Mykonos. Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury says She was the victim of a robbery on Saturday while vacationing in Greece. On Monday, Stanbury spoke with People about the events she says happened at her vacation rental home. People could not confirm the incident with the local authorities.

Her husband, 46, former Real Madrid player

The 46-year-old arrived in Mykonos three hours before the alleged robbery with her husband, former Real Madrid player Sergio Carallo, 27, and their daughter, Yasmin, 16. She shared the news on her Instagram story this weekend.” She took my husband’s wedding ring, which he completely destroyed.

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They decided to move to another property

Upon their arrival, the family searched the house, which, it says, was “in the middle of nowhere”, with no cell phone service or security system. Because of this, he decided to move to another property. When he and Carallo returned to pick up their bags from dinner on Saturday and moved to an isolated villa around 11:30, they said they had a chilling scene.

He remembered saying

“I was laughing with Sergio that it was so far away. It’s such a scary place to go. But I was like ‘What if someone is in the house?’ Can you imagine? No one will listen to us,” he recalled. “And he opened the door and as a joke went ‘boo’ to scare me.” Were open on the floor,” she says.

Carolo immediately ran to her driver

The former Lady of London member and Carallo immediately ran to their driver and called the police, she said. When police arrived, they went back home and found their cameras, jewelry, and all of Stanbury’s bags gone. One particular item, in particular, was missing. When she saw the lights upstairs, she realized that “there was still someone in the house”, which she believed was “the scariest part”.

The Bravo star shared a video of the aftermath on his Instagram

Stanbury is grateful that “all is well,” and he and his family move to a hotel that has security when they go out at night. The Bravo star shared a video of the following on his Instagram. Which his suitcases, items, and clothes were seen scattered on the floor. She also shared a picture of a door, which appeared to be open.

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