Carly Rae Jepsen met Melbourne

When it comes to Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen, people tend to fall into two camps. The first is made up of people who were shocked to hear that she is still making music after her 2012 global smash hit Call Me Maybe.

Second-to-last Australian shows of The So Nice Tour

And then there’s the devoted crew who know the truth: that Jepsen’s infectious, bubblegum pop is pure joy to behold. And these were just a select few who sold out the Forum on Monday night for the second-to-last Australian show of Jepsen’s The So Nice Tour. In case you were unaware, Jepsen has been dropping records and singles steadily for the past decade. She’s currently promoting The Loneliest Time (2022), but has also released Dedicated (2019) and of course, the masterpiece Emotion (2015).

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stripped back ballad go find yourself

She played over 20 songs from this deep catalog during Monday’s show. Bangers Run Away With Me and Cut to the Feeling had the room leaping, while her new stripped-back ballad Go Find Yourself or Whatever provides a dynamic change of pace during the encore. There were some B-sides and there was even a choose-your-own-adventure in which the crowd opted to listen to Your Type at Cry.

billowing rainbow curtain background

It is truly a joy to watch Jepsen live. “Before Times” was a whisper of one of the last truly great nights since selling out the venue in 2019, with Jepsen sounding at home on the Forum stage once again. The set-up was a 1970s disco-variety show with a backdrop of billowing rainbow curtains, stairs to stoop to, and a crest of flickering lights to complement Jepsen’s beaming and spirited performance.

Back to the sequined mini-dress

For all the rousing talent, lyrical majesty, and radiant vocals, there was a subtle restraint and warmth in Jepsen’s minimalist choreography and interactions with her band. And the mutual, obvious adoration was reflected back at her sequined mini-dress as she reached out lovingly to the audience. Taking the tour’s name to heart, the crowd was true “so nice,” to Jepsen’s tight 90-minute performance. Sing along, dance, sway, hug, and smile with every word for the duration of the set. Some glitches of sound were drowned out by outpourings of vocal love from the packed room, and midway through the show Jepsen promised (to explain her viral TikTok snippet) that she was coming back for us, baby.

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