Cardi B Enlists Kanye West For New Song And wishes we All knew The Real

Cardi B is back with a new song, “Hot S-“, featuring Kanye West and Lil Dirk. The track, which released on Friday, is his first single after 2021.

Claims about rap skills and personal taste

In the pompous, trap-beat bop, Cardi boasts of her superior rap skills and personal taste: “I’m obnoxious / Bought one house and locked in another, I know I’m blessed / Everybody’s going to be the gang.” Wants, no spots left/bad B-contest, it ain’t gonna be a contest.” The Bodak Yellow” artist recently spoke with Zane Lowe of Apple Music about how the song “For a Minute” would have worked. Well, it was like working with the West and its future plans.

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Recorded this song around 2019, around there

“This song, I think, is a little older than ‘WAP,'” Cardi said. “I think I recorded this song around 2019, around there. Everyone always loved this record, but I always think this record is so manly. I don’t know if people want to hear that from me. Because of that “masculine” energy, Cardi held off on finishing the track until she could find the right rappers to commandeer the heavy beat. Lil Durk and West – now known as Yeh – fit the bill, with Cardi taking a special interest in the energy Ye brought to their performances.

His Public Separation From Kim Kardashian

Kanye gave me this poem a few months ago, when he was totally in the media, because everything was going on,” Cardi said. And I love his poetry — it’s personal, but it’s not personal. His public separation from Kim Kardashian, his beef with Pete Davidson and Trevor Noah, and “Uncut James” included his whirlwind romance with actor Julia Fox.

Cardi said she wants the public to know the “real” one.

“I’m so glad he gave me this position. And I had a lot of conversations with Kanye West,” Cardi told Lowe. “I’ve learned so much about him, and he’s such an amazing, lovely person. I feel like I wish a lot of people [could] talk to her so they can see the real her.

listen to the kids of the bronx and really their flow

Lowe confirmed Cardi’s statement by calling West a “really lovely, thoughtful, very intelligent and ambitious person” and added, “The person Kanye we see as a personality, the Kanye people believe he is a real person. . Cardi also discussed working with Lil Dirk, saying that her poetry was “really street” and that she could imagine listening to Bronx kids and really liking his flow.

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