Cardi B Addresses Social Media Commenter

Cardi B speaking after comments about her family. The “Shake It” rapper, 29, addressed a Twitter user on Friday. Which asked her to exit the app and focus on her kids, saying this. That her daughter, Kulture, who turned 4 in July, has autism.

Cardi Wrote Twitter user while issuing a response

Cardi issued a response to a Twitter user, writing, “My daughter is not autistic. You can’t call her ugly, so all you have to do is diagnose her intelligence.” He also tweeted. You have every right to protect your child. I’m just trying to understand why calling a child autistic would be used as an insult in my own personal way.

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Fans came to Cardi’s defense and on social media

While many fans came to Cardi’s defense and agreed with her decision to address the social media user. Others pointed out that calling someone autistic should not be considered an insult. “We want to protect our feelings. Because we get very, very angry and upset,” the “I Like It” rapper said.

Cardi shares the culture with her husband Offset

Another said, “I have grandchildren with autism. They are my heart. I don’t know if people call your daughter autistic, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Cardi shares the culture with her husband Offset. The couple, who married in a secret ceremony in September 2017, also welcomed son Wave in September last year. However, he did not share his unique name with the world until April.

Had to wait for Wave’s name to be revealed

In an interview with Essence, the couple opened up about the impact internet bullies have had on their lives. Why they had to wait for Wave to reveal the name. When it comes to our daughter culture, we’ve gone through a lot of sad things – horrible behavior that even older kids have never done,” Cardi explained. “So many people will post mean, disgusting things just to get feedback from us. to do.

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