Can you do it b-li-way Kardashian Slammed by Motley Fool Tommy Lee

The video shows Khloe, 38, with her natural chin as well as the rest of the family without makeup, editing, cosmetic work and more. Which exposed Khloe’s ‘natural chin’ after she was accepted for plastic surgery.

Tommy posted a video on his Instagram account on Thursday

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Tommy, 58, posted a video on his Instagram account on Thursday. Featured a promo photo from The Kardashians – the reality TV family’s new Hulu series.

Came After Showing Fans Online – PHOTOS

The video – which came after their fans were shown online – used a Photoshop tool to wipe the stars’ faces in the photo. Thereby revealing his natural form. It had a caption that read: “Giving the Kardashians their old faces back” and was set to the Deftones song Change.

The whole family’s transformation was dramatic, but fans couldn’t help but how much Khloe’s face had changed. Comments were flooded with fans weighing in on the video. One Instagram user joked, “You get a nose job and you get a nose job.”

Another quipped: “More plastic than oceans.”

Someone else wrote: “They all looked better than their original faces.”
Many were particularly focused on Khloe, with one writing: “I forgot that Khloe didn’t even look like OJ anymore.”

Recently, fans have said a lot about Khloe’s looks.

Recently, a plastic surgeon weighed in, revealing all the procedures the mother of two had. The TV star claims that she has gone under the knife only once for nose work.

However, Dr. Anthony Yoon believes she has had at least two more other cosmetic procedures. On TikTok, Dr. Yoon shared a clip of “the natural Khloe we all remember” from 2007 and 2013 – the same one featured in Tommy’s video.

In the clip, Khloe talks to the camera on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and her face slowly changes over the years. In 2013, Dr. Yoon speculated that Khloe had her first nose job, noting that her nose was narrower than before.

In 2015, Dr. Yoon admitted that Khloe had lip injections to plump up her mouth.

Earlier, Khloe said on the 2021 Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion special: “I’ve had injections. Not really Botox, I’ve reacted badly to Botox.” In 2017, doctors speculated that Khloe had The removal of buccal fat would have been done, a process that essentially de-puffs the cheeks.

This involves removing a fat mass called the “buccal fat pad” from each side of the face. The Kardashian star’s rep confirmed she was expecting a baby via surrogate in July.

A few days after the baby was born, she dressed up in a slim black dress for a night out in Nobu, Malibu.

Khloe shared a sultry video of herself patting her towards the camera in the car. The Good American cofounder styled her blond hair into a sleek updo for her night out.

stroking his face he showed off his long, razor-sharp nails

She showed off her long, razor-sharp nails while caressing her face in the clip. Khloe’s departure came after news broke on Friday that she and Tristan are now parents to their second child.

They already share a four-year-old daughter named True.

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