Britney Spears fiercely defends nude Instagram snaps after being ‘manipulated’

Singer Britney Spears has hit out at people who have criticized her in the past for uploading obscene and completely nude pictures on her social media pages.

singer britney spears totally obscene

The songwriter continues to upload various pictures on her social media pages, while some have remained PG, the hitmaker has even posed completely nude covering her modesty. Britney has been sharing such posts on her Instagram page. Despite some criticism over her decision, the singer took a jibe at her critics, saying she is now living freely.

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Judging by 42 million followers

The Work Bteach singer wrote: “The conservative diplomatic voice… I had everything but the inside broke down!” I never wanted to be girls showing off my bodies! Bulls*t! Try to stay covered for 4 months without a key.

body molestation, abuse

“I have the right to express my body, mouth, eyes, heart and legs and show whatever I want. The mum-of-two continued: “My body was molested, abused and torn by people tha, not my friends.” I have beautiful friends who bring me joy and lift my a** every day.

His upcoming release with Elton John

“If my shallow smile offends someone I’ve only learned to copy. So sorry! Psss come to the icon, who are we fooling?! Reflecting on his upcoming release with Elton John,” he said : “Psss Bane if song is Hold Me Closer pssss himself!”

Britney’s photo comment

Fans were quick to take to the comments section of Britney’s photo as they praised the singer, writing: “Oh she’s back and back with a vengeance.” New song coming out! I’m so glad it’s on your terms and what you want to do. You don’t pay the sh*t of the world,” added a second.

His return to the music industry

Before a third commented: “Yeah Queen, we’re so ready for you!” Last week, Elton confirmed that he was working with Britney as he teased her return to the music industry. Monday (August 8) ), Elton posted a picture that read: “#HoldMeCloser” which fans are sure is the title of his new song.

“Elton and Brittany

Fans of the two wrote the comments section together: “Ah Britney is coming” Another added: “Britney is back!!!” While a third wrote: “Elton and Britney!! 2 legends on 1 song!! We’re ready!! We need to get this to number one!!”

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