British Singer Charli XCX Suffers Major Oops Moment At Awards Function

British singer Charli XCX recently became a victim of Major Oops Moment. The information of which he shared the video on Instagram.

British singer Charli XCX becomes a victim of the moment

Recently a Major Oops moment of British singer Charlie was recorded in the camera. By sharing the video on Instagram, the British singer himself informed his fans about this. In the video, suddenly the dress is seen coming off the singer’s shoulder. In fact, British singer Charli was engaged in presenting the CXX Award at the Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards on Wednesday. During this time this incident happened to him. However, British singer Charli XCX immediately noticed this and started laughing while handling her dress. This award ceremony was virtual in which Justin Bieber and Charli XCX were given the award.

Dress slipped from the shoulder of British singer Charlie

In the video, Charlie and Justin are seen giving the Best Pop Release award to Bieber. During this, she is wearing a black color one-piece dress. As soon as Charlie takes the names of both the winners. His dress slips off his shoulders and his body is revealed. Although it has been blurred in the video. But this is clearly visible. As Charlie’s dress slips down and by the time he realizes this. By then their oops moment would have been caught on camera.

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Already a victim of Oops moment

Charlie’s great fan-following is seen on social media. British singer Charli XCX has 3.8 million followers on Instagram. Likes them very much. By the way, this is not the first time that British singer Charli XCX has been a victim of oops moment. Taylor Swift Reputation Tour was organized in Arizona in 2018. During that time, something similar happened to Charlie while giving a performance. While laughing, Charlie had said at that time too. I felt like I had saved but if I have startled anyone, forgive me. This was not my intention really.

Singer Charlie handles it in a very positive way

As soon as Charlie’s dress slips from the shoulder, she grabs it by the hand and saves it from falling down, and starts laughing out loud. Charlie doesn’t let that oops moment come on his face at all. While sharing the video, Singer wrote, ‘Happy friends.

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