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Britain Betrayed Afghanistan

Only five percent of Afghan citizens who applied to leave the country under a UK program got help. Thousands of emails from Afghan citizens pleading for help went unread.

A UK whistleblower accused

Whistleblower alleges Foreign Office captures Kabul after rebels Left many of his allies in Afghanistan at the mercy of the Taliban. The reason behind this told that the drive to evict these people remained inactive and carried out arbitrarily.

Thousands of e-mails unread

Whistleblower writes to Select Committee on Foreign Affairs. The inbox typically contained more than 5,000 unread emails at any one time. Including several emails from early August. He wrote, ‘These emails were frustrating and urgent. I shocked to see several titles that read…Please save my children.’ The marshal said that some of those left behind killed by the Taliban.

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government defended

Justice Secretary made after the campaign to deal with the related crisis. Former UK foreign minister Dominic Raab defended his actions during that period. He told the BBC, ‘Some of the criticism seems to be off the ground facts. After the Taliban takeover, there was unprecedented operational pressure around the world. After this, thousands of people were desperate to leave the country.

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