The back-to-back shocking news is being received from Bengali cinema. You will be shocked again after hearing the latest news. Another Bengali actress has died. In the last 15 days, three actresses have died in Kolkata. This is really a shocking incident. Know about these three cases in detail.

Another Shocking News from Bengali Cinema

Another shocking news has come out from Bengali cinema.Another model-actress committed suicide in Kolkata today. Manjusha Niyogi’s body was found hanging from a noose in her Patuli’s house today. The cause of death is yet to be ascertained. Police is investigating the case.

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Bengali Actresses gave their lives

This is the second actress’s death in the last three days. You will be surprised to know that in the last 15 days, three actresses have died in Kolkata. This is really a shocking incident. It started with the death of famous small screen actress Pallavi Dey. On May 15, Pallavi’s body was found hanging in her house. Pallavi’s family had lodged a murder complaint and Pallavi’s boyfriend, who was living in the live-in, was arrested by the police.

Police Engaged in Solving all three Cases

After this, the body of model and actress Vidisha De Majumdar was also found hanging from the noose in North Kolkata two days ago. Vidisha had also written a suicide note and did not hold anyone responsible for the death. Police have started investigation by registering a case of unnatural death. Relationships with the boyfriend of the actress are also being investigated. Vidisha’s friends say that the actress was in depression because of her boyfriend. Vidisha had written about herself having cancer in her suicide note. which was not them.

What is Happening in Bengali Cinema?

There is another twist in this case. Manjusha Niyogi and Vidisha are said to be very good friends. According to Manjusha’s mother, Manjusha was in depression since Vidisha’s death. Police has sent Manjusha’s body for post-mortem. Is there any connection between Manjusha and Vidisha’s death or is it something else? Its address will soon be known in the police investigation.