Brazilian Model Camila Marodin Arrested

The Brazilian police have arrested a beautiful model. This model has now become a dreaded gangster. She is accused of killing her husband as well as two policemen. In the investigation, immense wealth has also been revealed to the gangster. The police have seized a huge amount of cash from his house.

Brazilian model Camila Marodin turns gangster

The police are also stunned to hear the exploits of a beautiful model living in Brazil. This model has now become a dreaded gangster. She is also accused of killing her husband. Camilla Marodin’s husband, who left modeling and entered the world of crime, was shot dead on November 7. The incident happened when Camilla’s son’s birthday party was going on. When the police started the investigation, it came to the fore that the gang to which the attackers belonged, was the leader of Camilla Mardin.

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pistol found from mother’s house

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’, the police have arrested the gangster Camilla Mardin. Camilla had said in her statement to the police that her husband was probably killed due to some mistake. It has come to the fore in the investigation that Ricardo Marodin was killed by the people of Camilla’s gang. Not only this, Camilla is also accused of killing two policemen. Model turned gangster Camilla was arrested by the police when she was returning from her mother’s house. After this, the police searched the house of the accused’s mother. In the search form where the pistol used in the crime was recovered.

Luxury cars, weapons, and cash seized

The police have recovered a large amount of cash and weapons from the house of the accused. Along with this, the authorities have also seized five luxury cars and a motorbike. Last week was Camilla’s son’s fourth birthday for Ricardo Mardin. A party was organized on this occasion. Then four armed suspects arrived there and rained bullets on Ricardo. Due to which he died on the spot.

The police was waiting for proof

Police spokesman Col Barroso said that the arrest of the accused had already been planned. There was just some evidence left to collect. As soon as the evidence was found, he was arrested. Gangster Camilla had got her husband killed and two policemen were put to death. Colonel Barroso said that Camilla’s immense wealth has also been discovered. She was living a luxurious life, she has made many properties.
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