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Brazil Extends Men Dominance in Toledo WSL Final

Sep 6 (Reuters) – Philippe Toledo is the favorite to win the World Surf League final in what would be a popular first world title. One that would expand the dominance of the “Brazilian Storm” in men’s surfing. Toledo won two stages of the 10-stop World Championship Tour this year, qualifying first for the second edition of the winner-take-all final for the top five surfers on the circuit.

Won two stages of the 10-stop World Championship Tour

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The one-day event will held September 8-16 at the Lower Trestles, a cobblestone pointbreak in Southern California that produces high-performance waves that rarely exceed head height.

27-year-old Toledo from Ubatuba near Sao Paulo

This is the perfect place for the 27-year-old Toledo, originally from Ubatuba near So Paulo. But now the final is living closer to the venue. 1988 world champion Barton Lynch said, “There is no doubt that he is the best small wave surfer of all time … and Lows – there is no wave that suits anyone better than him.”

Plumbing and Marquee of Tahupo’o Heavy-Water

While Toledo’s capabilities in the pipeline and the marquee heavy-water locations of Tehupo’o have sometimes drawn criticism. His aerial magic, razor-sharp turns and camaraderie with his teammates have made him a fan favorite.

men won olympic gold medal

Toledo is a prominent figure in a tight-knit pack known as the ‘Brazilian Storm’. Who has won two men’s world titles since 2014 As well as winning the first men’s Olympic gold medal through Italo Ferreira.

There will be a threat in the final

Live-Wire Ferreira will be a threat in the final after seeding fourth. But two other top contenders – two-time winner John Florence (knee) of Hawaii and world champion Gabriel Medina of Brazil (mental health, knee) – missed too many tours.

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