Brave Girls announce Disintegration+ to release final single “Goodbye”

On February 16, XportsNews reported that the Brave Girls would each go their separate ways following the expiration of their contracts with Brave Entertainment.

Upcoming digital single “Goodbye

In response to the report, Brave Entertainment released a statement on Brave Girls’ official fan cafe, announcing the group’s disbandment following the release of their upcoming digital single “Goodbye”. First, we heartily thank those fans who Express who love and support brave girls.

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Brave Girls Members and Agency

The exclusive contracts of our agency’s four artists Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna expire today (February 16th). Accordingly, Brave Girls will officially end their activities following the release of their digital single ‘Goodbye’, which released today.The Brave Girls members and the agency decided to have a beautiful farewell after a long period of intense discussion. We will never forget the support we have given to each other, and [the members] will repay the love of the fans from their respective places.

Loyalty to Yunjie and Yuna

We are sincerely grateful to Minyoung, Yujiong, Eunji, and Yuna, who worked passionately for the past seven years as brave girls sharing joys and sorrows, and we give them a big round of applause. We also once again express our deep gratitude to the fans of Fearless (Official Fan Club of Brave Girls) who have always been by the side of Brave Girls without any fear.

mention of the resurrection of the song

Brave Girls began as “Yeokjoohaeng (referring to a song’s resurgence) icon on the charts”, and they quickly rose as a girl group with unmatched power on the digital music [charts]. We are well aware that it is because of the members and fans that the journey of the Brave Girls did not stop at a miracle and they were able to write a legend. We will always remember the brave girls who symbolized hope.

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