BRA-VO I Have Big Boobs And I Got The Perfect Strapless Bra From Asda

If you have big breasts, you know how difficult it is to find a strapless bra. Which is helpful, comfortable, and not down to earth. But one woman has shared one that is “really helpful”, and is only £10.

Stacey Rowe at her local Assada strapless

Stacey Rowe posted her discovery on Facebook, after arriving at her local Asda in a strapless, underwired bikini top. Strapless bikini top as seen on George on the Asda website. Stacey Rowe took to the Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK group on Facebook to post about her George on AsdaFind.

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Struggling to Find Strapless Bra or Bikini Top

“Any big busted ladies who struggle to find a good strapless bra or bikini top like me. I found it today in Asda, they go all the way up to a G cup,” she wrote. Also really helpful and my boobs are not sticking out.

Comment to Praise Stacy

“So I’m going to use this as a strapless bra too and it was only £10. People praising Stacy wrote in the comments section with a clever idea.” I saw it and thought it Might be a bra, can’t believe they would actually wear a bikini my size. Great find, thanks for sharing,” commented another. That’s a really cool idea, thanks for sharing,” wrote a third.

I always get my bra every day from Asda

thanks for this! I need one for the weekend. And struggling to find big busted ones,” someone else added. Others praised Asda for her underwear options for people with big boobs. One wrote: “I always get my bra every day from Asda. I’m an e cup n this is the very least place where the bra fits really well.

Always buy an Asda bra,” said another?

“Always buy an Asda bra,” said another. “Found them the best for my size fit. Just went looking for strapless like yesterday and couldn’t find any! At least I know they make them. The third one wrote: “I have big boobs too and I Always bring my bra from Asda because you can’t beat the price, comfort, and range.

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